Reverend Billy visits the HSBC – video report

27th July 2013

I’m kicking off my blog with a short film of a lovely protest performance that took place at the weekend. Reverend Billy and his choral crew were really sorted, and ran an engaging and fun workshop in a local park for the twenty or so supporters that turned up to take part in the planned action…

On 27th July 2013, Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir paid a visit to the London Belgravia branch of the HSBC bank in the UK. They occupied the bank for several minutes with a performance protest after practising with supporters in a local park.

The stunt, highlighting HSBC’s role in supporting corporations directly destroying our environment, passed peacefully without incident.

During the performance, supporters outside the bank chanted the names of seven villages destroyed by an open cast mine supported by HSBC funding, while inside, dancers and singers enacted a piece involving endangered species, including the now extinct giant Golden Toad, and Reverend Billy berated the bank for its investment in destruction and climate change.

After several minutes, symbolic toad eggs, fashioned from ice, were left around the floor of the bank, and the performance continued outside.

Police arrived just as the show was ending, and there was no interaction with them as the Reverend and his choir headed off to celebrate and to thank the London supporters.

Thanks to Will Dickie and Laura Newman for their extra footage which saved the day after my file of visuals from inside the bank got corrupted.

Reverend Billy at the HSBC from rikki indymedia on Vimeo.