‘Peace Strike’ begin a 24-hour picket outside US embassy

This evening, ‘Peace Strike’ activists began a rolling 24/7 picket outside the US Embassy in London.

‘Peace Strike’, who campaigned for years alongside Brian Haw in Parliament Square, began a continuous picket outside the US Embassy this evening in protest at US plans for military action against Syria.Image

They are concerned that with the Government only narrowly defeated in the war vote last week, any action by the US may yet draw the UK in, as circumstances change.

They point out the hypocrisy of France’s position, having recently sold £800,000 worth of arms to the Assad regime.

‘Peace Strike’ as their name might suggest, are pressing for a peaceful intervention to prevent any further suffering, and they are not swayed by John Kerry’s recent propaganda speech. They call for stronger international law powers to prosecute war crimes and to push for a negotiated peaceful outcome.Image

Striking is a way to stop supporting the war machine, that relies on public tax in order to launch large-scale attacks. They plan to remain outside the Embassy indefinitely and welcome all peaceful support.Image

Tomorrow, they will be briefly joined by a ‘Stop The War’ vigil planned outside the Embassy in the early evening.

More info at http://peacestrike.org