Vigil at US embassy tonight – report & pics

A few hundred people attended a vigil outside the US embassy called by the ‘Stop the War coalition’ tonight. Feelings were high, and different groups were represented, but pretty much all agreed that the mainstream media is simply not telling the truth.


Around 5pm this evening, the crowd started gathering outside the US embassy, and started chanting anti-war and anti-US slogans before short speeches by the usual STWc suspects as well as a guest appearance by Maria Gallestegui who has begun a 24/7 peace strike picket outside the embassy. (

During one of the speeches, passions were flared over the plight of Kurds in Syria, some people claiming they were discriminated against and attacked by Assad, and others pointing out that Syria has welcomed in many refugees over the decades, and that Syria is one of the few countries where the PPK was not active – a certain sign that Kurds didn’t feel under threat.Image

Whatever the truth, and there were many different views on this and other matters, there did seem to be two observations that united everyone. First, that outside interference has massively escalated problems in Syria, with different groups, internal and external, all trying to make their own gains out of the chaos. Second, that the alleged chemical attack in Ghouta, was almost certainly not by the Syrian Army, and that the mainstream media is colluding in a giant lie, as it did over Iraq and Libya.Image