Mark Thomas presents world’s first in-cinema day-glo protest in support of Curzon workers

Mark Thomas brings you the world’s first day-glo protest.

The demonstration, in a Curzon London cinema last week, was to support casual workers in their campaign for union recognition, a living wage, and the restoration of concessionary tickets at the cinema chain. Protestors held up banners in front of the screen during the adverts, and handed out leaflets to the audience, who gave them a warm round of applause as they left just before the main Woody Allen feature.

Curzon workers, the guys who sell tickets and refreshments and who show you to your seats, pick up just £7 per hour in London (well below the living wage), and are on zero-hour contracts, which mean their jobs have no stability or protection.

Despite many staff joining BECTU, the Curzon management has refused to recognise the union, and instead forced the staff into a long arbitration process with a third party, the CAC (Central Arbitration Committee), which may take up to six months.

As part of his touring ‘100 acts of minor dissent’ Mark Thomas set up the day-glo protest, and is planning more stunts to embarrass the Curzon chain who like to portray themselves as arty, slightly lefty, and right on, none of which describes their current stance towards workers.

To support the campaign, sign their petition at

And write polite emails to the Curzon CEO,
or Operations Director,
or interim Head of HR,

Also copy to

You could also call Rob Arthur at 020 7438 9521
or Lynne Franks at 020 7438 9500