Curzon Mayfair cinema protest – video


For reasons that aren’t yet clear, Curzon Head Office have stalled on signing the official voluntary recognition agreement with BECTU which was looking good at the weekend

As part of his series of ‘100 Acts of Minor Dissent’ and in solidarity with Curzon cinema workers who are on zero-hour contracts and trying to get management to recognise the BECTU union in order to negotiate better conditions, Mark Thomas and friends staged another in a series of in-cinema day-glo demonstrations.

Before the event, at the Mayfair Curzon cinema in London, Mark briefed a group of around 20 supporters in a local pub, before buying tickets for the screening of ‘Gravity’ at the cinema.

During the pre-film adverts, while some held up the banners just below the cinema screen, lit by others with torches, supporters handed out leaflets, and also showed some of the audience members a short campaign video on mobile phones.

There was applause both at the start and at the end of the action, which did not disturb the main feature.

Some of the group stayed to watch the film, while others demanded refunds from a bemused manager, after complaining that their enjoyment had been upset by a disturbance in the auditorium.

The good news is that the campaign (which has been running for several weeks now), seems to be working. BECTU have just announced that they are very near to a deal with Curzon management to formally recognise the union. Once that is signed, they can then begin collective bargaining to try and improve conditions for workers, and also to hopefully move Curzon to re-instate concessionary tickets at their cinemas.