Subversion at the Curzon

As part of his ‘100 Acts of Minor Dissent’, and in continuing support for Curzon cinema workers’ struggle for union recognition, improved contracts, and the London Living Wage, Mark Thomas and his friend Tracey re-arranged letters on the canopy of the flagship Curzon Street cinema in Mayfair this morning.

Last week, it seemed that Curzon were on the verge of a deal with the BECTU union, which would lead to meaningful negotiations over their employment practices. As a result, Mark called a ‘ceasefire’ to his series of protest pranks that had plagued the company. However, the management have not followed through, and the ceasefire was suspended as of this morning.

This short film comprises a pre-interview, and footage of the stunt.

With only the letters of ‘Jeune Et Jolie’ and ‘Blue Is The Warmest Colour’ to play with, options were limited, but the campaigners came up with “Just Be Nice To Us – LLW”, where LLW stands of course for “London Living Wage”.

It took several hours for management to notice the new hoarding.