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Pocket money loans for kids – could it be real?

Artist Darren Cullen has opened the new Atom gallery in Stroud Green with a controversial work entitled ‘Pocket Money Loans’.

He’s been receiving support and interest from some passers-by and media, but also a fair share of abusive emails from people who believed the art to be real. Social media has been similarly confused, and his fake website, has had around 50,000 hits so far.

The gallery opened last week, looking much like a high street payday loan shop, but clearly targeted at kids.

00 loans

03 loans

Darren sits behind the cash counter each day, with a strategically placed trampoline made available so that smaller children can bounce high enough to read the fine print.

Various posters advertise a range of services, including bouncy castle mortgages, up to £100 for your toy car, and special offers from the tooth fairy.

04 loans

02 loans

The gallery is decorated with balloons and also features a handy abacus for totting up interest, and a little table and chairs for signing agreements.

01 loans

Among the responses Darren has had, was a trademark infringement warning from US payday loans company, Speedy Cash. They were apparently upset by the use of a photo from their own website, which Darren reproduced by way of comment on the blog page of his site.speedy cash kangaroo

The offending image is reproduced here (under fair usage, news and comment). Although obviously loans are only available to adults, Speedy Cash is not alone among companies that seem to sanitise their murky industry by using family-friendly and particularly child-focussed images.

In fact, taking a look around the Speedy Cash website, I came across this image from their main page, featuring young children blowing out birthday candles. speedy cash webpage

It’s in the context of this sort of advertising and promotion, that Darren decided to create his art installation, and he gives many similar examples on his blog, adding up to a compelling case for regulation and restriction.

The Stroud Green store is open Monday to Saturday 10-6 until next Friday 7th November. Darren’s past work can be seen at his main website.


Kobane Kurdish solidarity protest at Savoy Hotel Turkish business dinner

Kurdish activists and solidarity friends staged a protest at short notice this evening at the Savoy hotel where a Turkish business dinner was taking place.

07 savoy

Around 50 people stood at the main entrance with a huge banner, chanting slogans highlighting Turkey’s support for ISIS and in solidarity with the people of Kobane who are under attack from the Islamic militants.

04 savoy

02 savoy

01 savoy

Savoy security men asked the crowd to move off the private road, but it took nearly an hour while police numbers built up and negotiations took place, before finally the group moved to the main road.

03 savoy

Then hotel security closed the road to its entrance with railings.

05 savoy

On hearing that Turkish delegates were entering via the ballroom entrance at the rear of the hotel, the protest moved there for a while.

Hotel staff first told police that the pavement belonged to the Savoy, but after being challenged on this, police allowed the protest to continue right next to the doorway.

06 savoy

It ended peacefully at around 7.30.

Kurds will be holding a huge rally in Trafalgar Square next Saturday 1st November at around 1pm. Among their demands, they are calling for the UK government to take the PKK off the proscribed list, and to consider sanctions against Turkey for its support of ISIS, and they ask the UN not to support Turkey’s plan for a ‘buffer zone’, and to consider her membership status.

More info at, facebook: save rojava, and #twitterkurds @hevallo

Democracy Dan and the Battle of the Plinth

democracy dan 01

On Tuesday at about 3pm, a man called Dan scrambled up on to the plinth of Churchill’s statue, and began a lone occupation that continued for 29 hours until an operation involving a scaffolding team, specialist climbing officers, and around 100 other police finally got this peaceful and committed young man down and into custody.

During his protest, two supporters were arrested for throwing him supplies, police claiming that they were therefore obstructing officers who wanted him down.

On Thursday evening both Caroline Lucas MP and Jenny Jones GLA Assembly member were warned by police after trying to throw supplies too. Superintendent Kohli argued that in this case “Human rights are an irrelevence” as the police were entitled to “use force” to execute an arrest.

It is generally agreed in law that force should be used as a last resort, with consideration to the nature of the offence, and the level of resistance. It’s hard to see how torture through starvation and dehydration could be a legitimate and proportionate response to a man sitting peacefully on a plinth.

When Dan finally came down, he was arrested on suspicion of causing harassment, alarm or distress, and criminal damage (using sticky tape to secure a banner). He was later released on bail and returned to the Square, but there were reports later that he was re-arrested after feeding a sausage to a police dog!

Despite the constant police pressure, events continue at Occupy Democracy, and an announcement has been made that the occupation will now extend until 5th November in solidarity with Anonymous’ “million mask march”.

democracy dan 02

Then and now – Parliament Square, democracy and repression.

Back in 2007, Brian Haw battled against a government desperate to close his, by then, 6 year long vigil. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While his own small encampment held ground, he was gradually joined by others, a few legitimate supporters, but several homeless people and other campers, who set up around the square nearby. The GLA put up fences, attached signs warning of “no unauthorised access”, and gave out copies of a nice letter from the GLA’s PR man, Benjamin McKnight, stating that the Mayor of London (then Ken Livingstone) respected peaceful protest, but that the other camping was an eyesore and a health hazard. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  

At the time, we all thought things had got pretty bad, but seven years on, things have changed for the worse. SOCPA was replaced with PRASRA, and the power of seizure was introduced, covering any equipment that might facilitate an overnight stay, any placards or written material, any musical instruments, any structures, and any amplification.

The Mayor (now Boris Johnson) clearly no longer respects peaceful protest, as every item associated with normal protest activity is now proscribed. The PRASRA law, on which the 2012 Parks bye-laws are based, is a very nasty, unjust, undemocratic, and draconian piece of legislation, as it confers powers on warranted “Heritage Wardens”, who with the help of the police, can use force to seize items they consider fall under the wide definitions, can ban people who don’t follow their “reasonable direction”, and can mostly get away with doing this without the hindrance of any judicial framework where they can be challenged.

Now too, “no unauthorised access” has been replaced with a lie. The 2014 signs say the area is “closed for repair”. 01 occupy21

The only repairs required are the result of the jackboots of, not 78 this time, but several hundred police, who have used the PRASRA legislation to intimidate, abuse, and harass a group of people who have publicly announced a nine-day series of workshops, discussions, and other peaceful events around the subject of democracy. 02 occupy21

The lie is further unravelled by the sight of dogs deployed to frighten off any possible incursions, while it’s wardens and police who patrol the grass behind high fences, rather than gardeners.

This morning, around 30 people were arrested, dragged away one by one by dozens of police, surveilled by a hovering helicopter in an austerity-busting costly operation to retrieve a measly £5 tarpaulin, used to keep bottoms dry on the wet soil. And even after they had seized their pathetic booty, police weren’t content. As if like rabid dogs, once they’d tasted some tarpaulin, they needed more. They attacked an elderly man on the pavement, who was carrying a folded up tarpaulin, arresting him as he tried to keep hold of it, and ignoring his cries that he had fought in World War II to stop fascism. One notable arrest, who was promptly de-arrested once police realised who she was, was Green GLA member, Jenny Jones.

After all this evil, I didn’t know what to expect when I visited the Square early this evening, but what I saw left my heart singing.

03 occupy21

‘Occupy democracy’ continues despite the police, the petty wardens, the fences, the dogs, the lies, and even a hurricane. 

04 occupy21

One man sat at the foot of Churchill’s statue, wearing a policeman’s hat, borrowed to keep the rain off, and guarding a big yellow sign that declared “The revolution will not be confiscated”. And behind him, a crowd of around a hundred people listened intently to speakers, and took turns sharing ideas, as part of the continuing programme of events, delayed by interruptions, but not abandoned. 05 occupy21 For updates and inspiration, see or follow @occupydemocracy #occupydemocracy

Occupy Democracy – The Battle of the Tarpaulin

If a progressive movement can gauge the effect it’s having from the response of the State, then the Unions should be ashamed of themselves, and the Occupy movement should be cheering loudly.

08 occupy 18

Depending on whom you believe, the Unions roused between 50,000 and 100,000 people to march a tiring long course to Hyde Park to listen to the same old speeches from the same list of actors, demanding change but seldom challenging the system.

Policing was hands-off, relatively low key, and generally good-natured.

Meanwhile, globally there is a movement growing that recognises the present system of central banking and corporate power is so out of all public and democratic control, so corrupt, and so destructive that it can’t be ‘changed’ but must be replaced.

Although in the UK the movement appears to be small in numbers, it’s clear it has a growing resonance, and that more and more people are searching for a new paradigm. What is also clearer than ever after yesterday, is that those who hold power are deeply afraid of this movement.

After the TUC march, Parliament Square was very busy, with no more than a couple of hundred ‘occupiers’ surrounded on all sides by as many or more police.

01 occupy 18

As well as TSGs on all the pavements around Parliament, there were several groups standing in military formation round the square, and of course several Police Liaison in the blue tabards, chatting jovially with the crowd before reporting back to a senior officer from the National Domestic Extremist Unit.

05 occupy 18

Meanwhile the “domestic extremists” had erected twin towers of silk and bamboo, painted with the words “Occupy” and “Democracy”, an easel displaying a “Safer Spaces” policy, and a tiny sound system for speakers to use.

03 occupy 18

02 occupy 18

09 occupy 18

And those extreme speakers included George Barda, very well-informed and reasonable Occupy activist, Natalie Benn, leader of the Green Party, and professor and author, David Graeber. MP John McDonnell also spoke and gave his support.

04 occupy 18

07 occupy 18

11 occupy 18

The ridiculously named “Heritage Wardens”, who patrol Parliament and Trafalgar Squares, were busy pointing out infringements of the Bye-Laws. These rules were passed in 2012, shortly after the Occupy Camp was evicted from St Paul’s, and they are based on clauses in the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act (PRASRA), which were brought in as a replacement for the unenforceable SOCPA legislation designed (but failing) to remove Brian Haw from his decade-long occupation and peace vigil. The new laws read like a history of Haw’s successful legal challenges of previous attempts to dislodge him, and they prevent all manner of public behaviour that might be associated with protest and especially occupation, also giving the immediate power of seizure without having to bother with legal impediments such as courts and judges.

10 occupy 18

A sleazy reporter from the Daily Mail, who seemed to have close ties with the authorities, told me that the Superintendent (“a lovely chap”) wasn’t going to mess around, and would make it “short and sweet”, and sure enough, the disruption and harassment began.

First, a couple of units of TSG moved in and surrounded the blue tarpaulin that was being used to keep extremist bums dry on the grass. But despite the intimidation and police numbers, people linked arms and chanted (see vid below), and the tarp remained in place.

Next, the Super sent in a highly-trained ‘bunting snatch squad’ comprised of Heritage Wardens and police.

12 occupy 18

13 occupy 18

Another snatch squad unceremoniously pulled down the delicate towers and hauled them away. A small ‘safer spaces’ display board was wrestled away from an occupier, with thuggish police committing several assaults as they withdrew with their booty, and finally the small sound system was removed, again with brute force against peaceful but enraged members of the public.

As darkness fell, a massive police cordon formed near the edges of the grass, and anyone arriving was informed that the park had been closed at 7pm, and that people were not allowed in under Section 1 of PRASRA, which was of course nonsense, as it was actually under bye-laws, and by then they’d run out of copies of the bye-laws (which they are required to show when enforcing).

“You can’t stop an idea” is a familiar truism of the Occupy and Anonymous movements, and last night was an astonishing and beautiful example, as occupiers carried on their talks, music and assembly despite interruptions, and later in the night, their solicitors caused the police to back down and allow people to enter the square until the GLA could show that their sudden “closure” was in any way lawful.

Some brave folk stayed again through a second night, with little opportunity to sleep, any attempt to pitch a tent triggering immediate attack and seizure.

Despite all this petty repression, the Occupy Democracy timetable of events is planned to continue, with fabulous speakers and events connecting many ideas, movements and people throughout the next week, in the safe knowledge that they are ruffling the feathers of the corrupt and powerful. If a couple of hundred activists can cause so much panic, imagine what two thousand, or two million could achieve.

14 occupy 18

As for the tarpaulin – it was still in place this morning.

UPDATE 19th OCTOBER – Battle of the Tarpaulin – Part Two

As darkness fell this evening, 140 police officers entered the square and, assaulting people (with reports of dragging folk by their heads and use of pressure points), they snatched the four tarpaulins. They also trampled over peoples’ belongings and especially food and drink, causing a mess. Occupiers are beginning to use the hashtag #tarpaulinrevolution, and are asking people to come to the square bringing tarpaulins or umbrellas. Any donations of waterproof trousers or tarpaulins that could be cut up and wrapped round waists greatly appreciated.

Despite the attack, spirits remain high and they are clearing up the mess, and are intending to remain in the square overnight again with a packed timetable of events planned for tomorrow.

Huge Kurdish protest in Westminster yesterday over Turkey and ISIS

Called at short notice and spread over social media, yesterday afternoon’s Westminster protest attracted thousands of Kurdish people from all over London, filling the square with home-made placards and a variety of flags.

01 kurds

Their largest banner simply stated ‘Turkey – Stop Supporting ISIS”, and speakers told of how Turkey is refusing to allow women and child refugees over its border, and is even preventing Kurdish volunteers from leaving the country to help defend Kobane, while doing little to stem the flow of fighters and arms to ISIS, and even buying black market oil from the Islamic State.

02 kurds

03 kurds

While the PKK (Kurdish Workers’ Party) is effectively fighting on the same side as the West against the “terrorists” of ISIS, it is still officially a ‘proscribed’ organisation itself, and Kurds have plenty of evidence that Turkey is effectively supporting ISIS to carry out its genocidal mission in Kobane while giving lip service to the West’s apparent desire to confront the Jihadists.

04 kurds

05 kurds

Among their demands of the UK government is a call for Cameron to throw out the Turkish ambassador after Turkish PM Erdogan commented recently that PKK and ISIS were “the same”.

After about an hour in the square, the Kurds decided to go marching, and negotiated a route around the West End with police before setting off up Whitehall.

06 kurds

However, as the front of the march passed Downing Street, there was news of scuffles and arrests in the Square as police bungled a stop-and-search, tried to arrest a Kurd for resisting, and ended up in fist-fights with a small crowd of enraged supporters who had watched what was going on.

As a result, the march sat down, demanding the release of their comrades, and bringing the area to a complete halt.

07 kurds

08 kurds

A Police Liaison Officer (PLOs – now known to be intelligence gatherers), tried to negotiate with the men at the front of the crowd, before reporting back to the Chief Inspector and then working with police photographers trying to identify and document ‘ringleaders’.

After more than 30 minutes, it appears that police released one man to appease the crowd, but two were later confirmed as detained on suspicion of assaulting police.

09 kurds

With a lot of stopping and starting, the huge march then continued up Whitehall, but abandoned plans for a long West End walkabout and instead doubled back along the Embankment to return to Parliament Square, where, as the sun began to set, they peacefully dispersed, and the 20 or so police riot vans drove off too.

10 kurds

TTIP Protest and banner drop in Westminster

TTIP stands for TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, which under the guise of a free trade deal, allows the largest corporations to seize ever more power away from people and even governments.

It is a far reaching agreement which in its present form includes a device known as ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement). This would bind signatories to a system of courts run by corporate trade lawyers who will decide cases on ‘free trade’ merits alone, without any democratic mandate, and without reference to environment, justice, rights, health, or any other such criteria.

Under ISDS, a corporation can take action if their future profits might be affected by any legislation brought in at any level.

Given that the sort of legislation likely to affect corporate profit would be things like workers’ rights, health and safety, environmental concerns, or human rights, it’s not hard to see how undemocratic and exploitative this treaty is likely to be.

Notable cases heard under ISDS clauses in established trade deals have already seen Argentina sued hundreds of millions of pounds for freezing energy prices to help its citizens after economic collapse, Egypt sued for raising the minimum wage, and Australia spending millions of dollars trying to defend its recently introduced cigarette plain-packaging laws from an attack by Phillip Morris.

Despite the deafening silence of mainstream media, a grassroots and global movement is growing to raise awareness and fight this dangerous deal, including the World Development Movement, and huge petitioning and campaigning groups like 38 Degrees.

01 london TTIP

One of the many issues highlighted for the UK is the effect the new law might have on the NHS, as it would not only give private health companies an undemocratic leverage over current plans, but also compensate them huge amounts of money if future governments reverse any privatisation with a democratic mandate.

02 london TTIP

Yesterday’s Westminster action was part of a pan-European call-out, with more than 400 events planned around the EU.

03 london TTIP

Several hundred activists gathered in Parliament Square to listen to speeches by various campaigners before heading on to Westminster Bridge for a banner drop.

04 london TTIP

Their sheer weight of numbers ended up closing the Southbound carriageway for a while, which simply added to the chaos enveloping Westminster as thousands of Kurds also staged a sit-in at Whitehall.

There, they hung their huge ‘#noTTIP Hands Off Democracy’ banner over the side of the bridge, while a throng of press photographers tried to capture a decent image hampered by the bright sun above Parliament.

05 london TTIP

07 london TTIP

If you want to find out more or help with pressure, the UK noTTIP and 38 degrees sites might be good starting points.