Kobane Kurdish solidarity protest at Savoy Hotel Turkish business dinner

Kurdish activists and solidarity friends staged a protest at short notice this evening at the Savoy hotel where a Turkish business dinner was taking place.

07 savoy

Around 50 people stood at the main entrance with a huge banner, chanting slogans highlighting Turkey’s support for ISIS and in solidarity with the people of Kobane who are under attack from the Islamic militants.

04 savoy

02 savoy

01 savoy

Savoy security men asked the crowd to move off the private road, but it took nearly an hour while police numbers built up and negotiations took place, before finally the group moved to the main road.

03 savoy

Then hotel security closed the road to its entrance with railings.

05 savoy

On hearing that Turkish delegates were entering via the ballroom entrance at the rear of the hotel, the protest moved there for a while.

Hotel staff first told police that the pavement belonged to the Savoy, but after being challenged on this, police allowed the protest to continue right next to the doorway.

06 savoy

It ended peacefully at around 7.30.

Kurds will be holding a huge rally in Trafalgar Square next Saturday 1st November at around 1pm. Among their demands, they are calling for the UK government to take the PKK off the proscribed list, and to consider sanctions against Turkey for its support of ISIS, and they ask the UN not to support Turkey’s plan for a ‘buffer zone’, and to consider her membership status.

More info at kurdishinfo.com, facebook: save rojava, and #twitterkurds @hevallo