Halloween Critical Mass bicycle ride – a few pics

On the last Friday of each month, London cyclists meet from around 6pm under Waterloo Bridge on the South Bank, to ride together for a couple of hours around London (normally setting off about 7).

The name perfectly sums up the way the route is chosen, different each month, whereby front runners (there are no “leaders” of the mass) suggest a direction, and if enough people follow it, a critical mass is achieved and everyone follows. Often this happens smoothly, but on occasion a small split will occur at a junction, with the direction achieving critical mass winning.

On what was the warmest UK Halloween on record, the ride was well attended, with several hundred folk meeting at the South Bank, many in costume.

02 halloween critical mass

01 halloween critical mass

Among the highlights for me, were the dog on a bike,

03 halloween critical mass

and someone feather-dusting waiting taxis and buses.

04 halloween critical mass

As usual the mass was a colourful, mixed and friendly crowd.

05 halloween critical mass

With so many cyclists ensuring the road was ours and safe for a change, it was great seeing skateboarders and bikes doing racing wheelies on the normally traffic-heavy Park Lane.

06 halloween critical mass

More info on the London critical mass website.