Institute of Dissidents – Pall Mall

123 Pall Mall, a prestigious address, was until recently the home of the Institute of Directors, a meeting place for business executives to plan their capitalist agenda, pressuring through powerful lobbying for fewer workers’ rights, less corporate tax burden, and a reduction in ‘red tape’ (ie regulation).

04 Institute of Dissidents

The capitalists have now moved a few doors down the road, leaving their five storey mansion empty, while thousands of homeless sleep rough across London.

03 Institute of Dissidents

So squatters have moved in to reclaim the building and open it up as a new prestigious central London autonomous social centre.

07 Institute of Dissidents

IoD is big on networking

Among those representing are, the Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians (ANAL), Squatter and Homeless Autonomy (SHA), and the Love Activists.

08 Institute of Dissidents

and extremely well connected

They have a small kitchen, a cinema room, and lots and lots of space.

06 Institute of Dissidents

05 Institute of Dissidents

They also have an interesting collection of huge safes in a vault room in the basement of the building. Budding crackers should make contact. Who knows what nefarious role the vault had for CEOs wanting some private space.

01 Institute of Dissidents

02 Institute of Dissidents

ANAL like to share their spoils with like-minded anti-capitalist groups and individuals, opening up the space for networking, film nights, meetings and workshops, so anyone wanting to hold events or needing space should get in touch. News and planned events can be found on the ANAL facebook page

09 Institute of Dissidents