Reclaim the Power Day of Action – two new films

Monday was a busy day. After the Reclaim The Power camp near Didcot at the weekend, there were direct actions against fossil fuel industries across the UK.

My first film is of the blockade of the Institute of Directors, where the World Coal Association was holding a conference on ‘Carbon Capture Solutions’, or at least it would have been, had it not been disrupted by locks and superglued activists who for a couple of hours successfully managed to block all the public entrances to the building.

Next, to the London offices of PR giant, Edelman, for a scripted stunt involving the birth of a ‘fracked baby’.

Edelman are behind Lord Chris Smith’s “Task Force on Shale Gas”, funded by the industry, but supposedly offering independent reports on the safety and feasibility of fracking.

The stunt highlights a recent report that links fracking to an increased chance of birth defects. Last year, Greenpeace published leaked documents showing Edelman’s hand in dirty tricks to help push through the Trans-Canada tar sands oil pipeline. Its involvement in the supposedly independent Task Force is a similar tactic to try and push the Government proposal to frack up to two thirds of the UK.

(WARNING: film contains scenes some viewers may find disturbing)