Whitehall protest over Benjamin Netanyahu visit

02 Netanyahu protest - ©indyrikki

Police were hoping to keep hundreds of demonstrators in protest pens opposite Downing Street on the 9th September, when Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu was due to arrive in the country to meet David Cameron. But while many were confined to their respective pro-Israel and pro-Palestine fenced areas, a few from both factions moved away from the megaphones, speeches and chanting, to cross the road to the gates of Downing Street.

01 Netanyahu protest - ©indyrikki

03 Netanyahu protest - ©indyrikki

05 Netanyahu protest - ©indyrikki

There were occasional scuffles and arrests, and a lot of abuse from both sides among people outside the designated protest areas, as numbers began to build up outside the gates.

9th Sept 2015 Protests pro and against the visit of Israeli leader Netanyahu to Downing Street UK

06 Netanyahu protest - ©indyrikki

07 Netanyahu protest - ©indyrikki

Police wrestled with one protester over a placard that said ‘Fuck Israel’, breaking it in two as they snatched it away.

08 Netanyahu protest - ©indyrikki

As more protesters crossed the road, blocking Whitehall traffic, more police moved in to separate opposing factions.

09 Netanyahu protest - ©indyrikki

Despite the heightened emotions, some people engaged in debate and listened to each other.

10 Netanyahu protest - ©indyrikki

12 Netanyahu protest - ©indyrikki

With protesters ranging across the road, police lines formed to push people onto pavements and release the traffic.

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14 Netanyahu protest - ©indyrikki

After several hours, people began to disperse, while a relaxed group of Torah Orthodox Jews reminded us that Judaism and Zionism are not in any way synonymous.

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15 Netanyahu protest - ©indyrikki