Class War visit Boris Johnson’s house

UPDATED 24th July – see below

First report for some time – I’ve been busy making all sorts of films – some for Real Media – will be collating a little catch-up of those here soon, but in the meantime, here’s a quick report from tonight’s protest, as Boris’s Cabinet appointment was suitably commemorated by some right-wing thuggery.

15th july 2016 Anarchist activists 'Class War' march on Boris Johnson's home in Islington, and one of them is assaulted by a suited white man.

This evening, up to a hundred anarchist protesters marched to Boris Johnson’s north London home to protest that a racist liar has been made Foreign Secretary. They’d made a guillotine banner which they paraded outside Boris’s front door.

03 boris class war © @indyrikki

While tabloids were no doubt hoping the evening would be marred by violence, I doubt they’ll be reporting the fact that it was. As protesters gathered outside the huge Islington mansion, a man in a suit, described by protesters as a ‘toff’ decided to pick on a middle-aged woman, pushing her hard so she fell backwards, smashing her head on the pavement.

01 boris class war © @indyrikki

Police then whisked the man away from the crowd, and appeared to be about to let him go, but activists demanded he be charged, and eventually a statement was taken from the victim, who was clearly dazed and in pain, and the man was taken away in a police van.

Ian Bone, a rallying figure in the Class War movement, said that the victim was his long-term partner, and he asked what the police reaction would have been had the assault been by an anarchist dressed in black rather than an expensively-suited white man. He posited that the aggressor would have found themselves on the ground with police knees holding them down while being handcuffed, rather than being gently escorted away and quietly spoken with.

02 boris class war © @indyrikki

With the house protected by a line of police, plus the usual surveillance, it seemed the party was over as soon as it had begun, and activists began to disperse, leaving the police to stand guard at Boris’s home set picturesquely next to the canal.06 boris class war © @indyrikki

04 boris class war © @indyrikki

07 boris class war © @indyrikki

UPDATE 24th July

Ian Bone has just tweeted that the man who assaulted his partner Jane has now been charged with ‘common assault’, and it turns out he is a senior sales negotiator at the uber-gentrificator estate agents, Foxton’s. Beyond satire.