New depths in anti-Corbynista war on democracy

I’ve just had a call from a friend who has recently decided to become involved in politics as she’s so concerned about the state of the world.

For better or worse, she has decided to back Corbyn, and a few weeks ago she joined the Labour party for £3.

Now learning that she’s prevented from voting in the leadership election, she decided to part with another £25 and joined again yesterday. On her application she gave the reason for joining that she wanted to vote for Corbyn.

She didn’t receive confirmation, and the £25 didn’t leave her account. At first, she thought nothing of this, assuming that the system might be overwhelmed and slow, but then she started hearing reports that other people had joined successfully with immediate acknowledgement.

Smelling a rat, she tried again today, and despite inputting the same details, she was not prevented from doing so. The only difference this time was that she gave “I want to support democracy” as her reason for joining. Within minutes the £25 had left her account, and an email confirmation arrived.

Searching online, she has come across numerous others with the same tale.

This is a scandal on top of many other scandals.

The anti-Corbyn establishment seems so desperate and willing to abandon any democratic pretence that they will stoop at nothing. Is he really so dangerous?