i’ve been reporting text, images, and videos from london streets for about a decade, regularly posting on ‘uk indymedia’, and the much-missed ‘london indymedia’ sites under the moniker ‘rikki’.

i attempt to be fair, accurate, and impartial, but if i am guilty of any bias it is more likely to be in the direction of a radical, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, and consensual outlook, promoting peace and justice.

all text, images and videos on this site are copyright and if used commercially without consent will attract penalty fees. i am not in the business of undermining or undercutting professional journalists by providing free content to commercial entities. however, i’m happy to share for non-profit, radical use as long as it’s credited “indyrikki”. if in doubt, contact me below.

you can also contact me this way with any factual corrections, feedback etc