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Trident protest wraps Ministry of Defence in peace scarf

The plan began over two years ago, with the idea of creating a 7-mile long ‘peace scarf’ to connect the Burghfield and Aldermarston nuclear weapon facilities in Berkshire.

As ‘Wool Against Weapons’ (http://www.woolagainstweapons.co.uk) grew, a date was set – Aug 9th 2014 (Nagasaki Day) – and lengths of pink scarf flooded in from all over the UK and abroad.

In the lead up to that event, local groups of knitters staged media events with their own lengths of scarf, often gaining local media interest, and personalising the protest and the issues.

With the Government currently committed to spending over £80billion on renewing the Trident weapon programme at a time of so-called austerity, the 9th August was a huge success, so rather than waste all that pink knitting on just one event, it was carefully packed into dozens of large rolls, and brought to London for the #WrapUpTrident stunt on Saturday.

01 wrap up trident

01a  #wrapuptrident

More than a thousand protestors gathered at the front door of the Ministry of Defence in Horseguards Parade, blessed with dry and beautifully sunny weather, and roll after roll was caringly unwound and handed out to volunteers who headed down Whitehall to Westminster Bridge Road, then back along the Embankment. not just meeting the start, but doubling up two layers round the imposing white building.

03 wrap up trident

02 wrap up trident

The stunt was followed by a march down Whitehall to a rally and speeches in Old Palace Yard, where an array of speakers including veteran Ben Griffin, were introduced by Jeremy Corbyn MP and Kate Hudson (Campaign Against Nuclear Disaramament).

08 wrap up trident

05 wrap up trident

06 wrap up trident

07 wrap up trident

There will be a civil disobedience blockade at Burghfield nuclear weapons facility on the 2nd March (http://actionawe.org/topics/burghfieldlockdown/).

04 wrap up trident