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Class War visit Boris Johnson’s house

UPDATED 24th July – see below

First report for some time – I’ve been busy making all sorts of films – some for Real Media – will be collating a little catch-up of those here soon, but in the meantime, here’s a quick report from tonight’s protest, as Boris’s Cabinet appointment was suitably commemorated by some right-wing thuggery.

15th july 2016 Anarchist activists 'Class War' march on Boris Johnson's home in Islington, and one of them is assaulted by a suited white man.

This evening, up to a hundred anarchist protesters marched to Boris Johnson’s north London home to protest that a racist liar has been made Foreign Secretary. They’d made a guillotine banner which they paraded outside Boris’s front door.

03 boris class war © @indyrikki

While tabloids were no doubt hoping the evening would be marred by violence, I doubt they’ll be reporting the fact that it was. As protesters gathered outside the huge Islington mansion, a man in a suit, described by protesters as a ‘toff’ decided to pick on a middle-aged woman, pushing her hard so she fell backwards, smashing her head on the pavement.

01 boris class war © @indyrikki

Police then whisked the man away from the crowd, and appeared to be about to let him go, but activists demanded he be charged, and eventually a statement was taken from the victim, who was clearly dazed and in pain, and the man was taken away in a police van.

Ian Bone, a rallying figure in the Class War movement, said that the victim was his long-term partner, and he asked what the police reaction would have been had the assault been by an anarchist dressed in black rather than an expensively-suited white man. He posited that the aggressor would have found themselves on the ground with police knees holding them down while being handcuffed, rather than being gently escorted away and quietly spoken with.

02 boris class war © @indyrikki

With the house protected by a line of police, plus the usual surveillance, it seemed the party was over as soon as it had begun, and activists began to disperse, leaving the police to stand guard at Boris’s home set picturesquely next to the canal.06 boris class war © @indyrikki

04 boris class war © @indyrikki

07 boris class war © @indyrikki

UPDATE 24th July

Ian Bone has just tweeted that the man who assaulted his partner Jane has now been charged with ‘common assault’, and it turns out he is a senior sales negotiator at the uber-gentrificator estate agents, Foxton’s. Beyond satire.





Fuck Parade 3 – Class War street party in Shoreditch

Saturday’s protest and street party was called by anarchist group “Class War” and was the third such event this year. These are ‘Reclaim The Streets’-style walkabouts, with fire juggling, pyrotechnics, a very loud bicycle sound system, and lots of attitude. With no pre-organised route, they are a fingers up to the status quo, to the need for permission to have fun in public spaces, and they’re protests against the creeping privatisation of public space, as well as the wider capitalist austerity agenda, gentrification, and corporate land-grab that poisons our cities and our democracy.

Having said that, by their very nature, they’re also a disorganised, messy and drunken affair, the main result a passing celebration of freedom with all the mayhem that might bring.

So, activists and party animals gathered together under a railway arch outside Shoreditch Station from about 7pm, the sound system adorned with a piggy-faced police effigy which, thanks to the Ashcroft revelations, neatly tied together the Tory class-enemy and the “pig” police. At times, flame torches and smoke bombs invoked images of a post-apocalyptic film set, complete with loud punk or drum ’n’ bass soundtrack.

01 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

02 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

03 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

Near 8, the party set off along back streets towards Brick Lane.

04 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

A handful of police followed, ears glued to their radios as they fed back route information to an unseen controller. Around 200-strong, the procession turned north up Brick Lane, and then stopped outside a small shop called “Cereal Killer Cafe”. With some banging on the windows, and a couple of paint-bombs thrown, it was clear that, to some in the crowd, this was a target, but the significance passed me by until someone explained – apparently this business sells nothing other than breakfast cereal, and at nearly £5 a bowl, it was seen as a symbol of gentrification in the area, infamous for having been featured on a C4 programme, and made all the worse by being fronted by two twins wearing hipster beards.

I didn’t really follow why this was marked as such an important target, and its selection has caused much controversy in social media and has gained wide coverage in lamestream media. The hipster twins have been quick to court publicity and victimhood, and there are a lot of questions over whether the message of the night was muddied. But there has also been hysterical talk of physical violence, and a claim that children were in the cafe. I certainly didn’t see any children there, and suspect that like Farage’s similar claim when activists invaded his local pub, it may turn out to be untrue. On the other hand, ‘Class War’ hasn’t had so much press for a long time, but whether “all publicity is good publicity” applies here, I’m not sure. Whatever, a couple of paint bombs, some spilled cereal, some banging on the window, and a felt-penned “Scum” graffiti, shouldn’t really characterise the whole event, given that a tiny portion of the crowd were involved. The supposedly “terrorised” staff seemed to be smiling as they took images on their mobile phones from inside the shop.

05 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

Further up Brick Lane, the front window of Winkworth’s estate agent received a blow – a more predictable, and perhaps less controversial target for symbolic property damage. Round the corner on Bethnal Green Road, another estate agent, Marsh and Parsons, got the same treatment.

06 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

07 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

Up till now, the same few police had been tailing the protest, and apart from a minor altercation in Brick Lane, were very hands-off. Suddenly, sirens could be heard, and two riot vans appeared, out of which some fully-kitted officers emerged.

07x shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

But as the party doubled back towards Brick Lane, a clash was avoided, and soon a full-scale impromptu party was taking off in a small park, Allen Gardens, with numbers swelling rapidly around the sound system, and a small firework display adding to the merriment. Class War founder Ian Bone posed with one of the large banners in front of riot cops near the gates to the park.

08 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

By now a police helicopter was hovering overhead, Brick Lane and other surrounding roads were closed to traffic, and more police were arriving. After a while, the group set off east to Vallance Road, and then up again to Bethnal Green Road where they started heading back towards Shoreditch, reclaiming both carriageways as they walked.

09 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

10 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

A loud bluster of police sirens announced the arrival of more riot vans, but several of these were empty. Sometimes this can signify an expectation of mass arrests, but there simply weren’t anywhere near enough officers to attempt this, so I think it was mainly for show, and the police were actually quite under-resourced – perhaps they should consider some direct action to encourage Cameron to reverse the cuts and stop giving all the money to the rich?

The sound system led the way west, and then up Shoreditch High Street, followed by a dozen police vans (most empty) and accompanied by about 20/25 police, now back in normal uniforms. Their role was to try to keep oncoming traffic moving, so there were a few minor scuffles as they did this, and there was one snatch arrest, apparently for suspected criminal damage, under the bridge at the crossroads with Old Street.

11 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

Further west, the party brought Old Street roundabout to a standstill, and the pig effigy was set alight. After a while, and accompanied by the hands-off police, with numbers just beginning to dwindle, I left them heading back east at around 10.30 – heard later it ran past midnight.

12 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

13 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

15 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki

Some activists claim the event was a 1000 strong, but although this number might reflect a total who joined at some point however fleetingly, I’d estimate the main core never grew more than a few hundred at any one time.

14 shoreditch fuck parade - @indyrikki