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Some pics from London Climate March

An estimated 40,000 people marched in London as part of a worldwide climate mobilisation ahead of the UN summit in New York.

01 climate march

12 climate march

The march, on an unseasonably warm afternoon, was characterised by creativity and diversity, with a large number of contributing organisations and groups, and a lot of home-made banners and props. A protest notably unmarred by the usual sea of Socialist Worker placards.

11 climate march

03 climate march

04 climate march

05 climate march

06 climate march

10 climate march

02 climate march

09 climate march

07 climate march

The main rally ended with a minute’s silence which was intensely observed by the mammoth crowd, an eerie quiet enveloping the streets around Westminster.

08 climate march

The official march was followed by a spontaneous visit by a crowd of around a thousand to the Tory HQ nearby.

Earlier in the day, activists targeted the British Museum with a creative and poignant protest action over BP arts sponsorship.


Climate activists visit Tory HQ

The London ‘people’s climate march’ took place today, part of a global network of climate protests across the globe ahead of the UN summit in New York. I’ll be posting a few pics later on from that, but first…

01 climate march at tory hq

After the main march (tens of thousands of people, and speeches near Parliament), activists from ‘Reclaim The Power‘, aided by samba from ‘Rhythms of Resistance‘, led a crowd of around a thousand people for an impromptu visit to Tory HQ.

03 climate march at tory hq

04 climate march at tory hq

The street outside the Conservative Party’s Headquarters, (Matthew Parker Street), was completely packed by protesters, delivering their message right to the party that claimed it would be the greenest ever, and which has simply turned out to be the greediest.

05 climate march at tory hq

10 climate march at tory hq

After a while, the band set off again and led a procession up Whitehall, before people split into smaller groups.

11 climate march at tory hq